Top 5 Employee Time Tracking Tools that you need.

Top 5 Employee Time Tracking Tools

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‘Tempus Fugit’ is a Latin phrase meaning ‘time flies’.  

With the sudden shift to Remote working, courtesy of the Covid-19 Lockdown, employee time tracking and monitoring has become the need of the hour for every employer.

So, time does fly, and to tackle this, it becomes imperative for any employer to maximize its employee productivity.

But the question remains the same. “How do I ensure maximum efficiency and minimum time wastage?”

Here’s the answer. A time tracking software.

A time-tracking tool helps the employer to organize, manage and control the remunerations, and also gives the employee data about his/her hourly activities as well.

Here is a list of the Top 5 time-tracking tools that you need to use in your organization right now unless, of course, you are Dr. Strange.

1. Time Doctor time tracking

Time Doctor time employee tracking software

Time Doctor is a SaaS employee time tracking and productivity tool.

It supported on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems, and is available in four languages. 

It is best suited for companies with remote teams.

The employer can monitor the work done by employees, get a summarized report for the same, and maintain a customizable payroll.

One of the most effective features is the ‘Distraction Alerts’ feature that detects excess time on Facebook, Instagram or non-work-related sites, and alerts the user with a popup.

It also notifies the user after a long duration of inactivity to get back to work.

There are two versions- A free version with limited options and a premium version at $9.99 per month.

2. Toggl time tracking

Toggl employee time tracking software

Toggl is a time-tracking app that allows one to track one’s daily activities across different platforms (phone, PC, and web) and also provides in-depth analysis of the work as well as suggestions on areas where one can improve.

It offers features like a manual as well as self-activating entries and an auto-tracker that starts tracking time as and when certain specific ‘trigger’ software or keyword ‘triggers’ are set off. 

The Project Management Dashboard provides details of all the projects and their progress.

The two versions are priced at $9/month for the starter pack and $18/month for the premium pack.

3. Hubstaff time tracking

Hubstaff employee time tracking software

Hubstaff is a simple and effective employee work tracker with features like screenshots, timesheets, billing, insightful reports, etc.

Special features that make Hubstaff stand out from other employee tracking programs are the GPS-tracking for on-the-road and worksite tracking and the Productivity monitoring that can be turned on and off according to requirements. 

 Hubstaff features like Timesheet Management, Payroll Management, and Customizable employee settings make employee tracking less time-consuming for managers and employers.

Hubstaff has four versions: 

  • Free 
  • Basic ($7 per user/month)
  • Premium ($10 per user /month) 
  • Enterprise ($20 per user/month)

4. Zoho Projects time tracking

Zoho Projects time tracker

Zoho Projects is an online project management software to create and manage projects efficiently from Zoho Corporation.  

With a very simple and user-friendly interface, Zoho Projects makes working seamless.

It is a hybrid of Time Tracking software and a work organizing/management app like Trello –

Other notable features include an activity feed, a project blueprint, a milestone calendar, Gantt charts, and a Chat option. 

The following versions of Zoho are available:

  • Standard  
  • Express
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

5. Harvest time tracking

Harvest time tracker

Harvest is the perfect tool for freelancers and employers who work with them if you are looking for a program with a simple interface, incisive reports, and quick and easy invoices.

 Harvest can be integrated with other apps like Trello, Basecamp, Xero, and Paypal to make the user’s experience even more convenient.

One unique feature of Harvest has to be the Team management feature that enables employers and project heads to monitor what their team members are spending their time on. 

There are two versions for this software:

  • Free Version (that includes 1 person and 2 projects).
  • Premium Version (at $12 per person /month that includes unlimited people, unlimited projects).

6. TopTracker by Toptal

Top Tracker time tracking software

TopTracker is a 100% free time tracking app that works on the web, PC, and mobile phones as well. It can be used by freelancers from any field of work and on unlimited projects.

Its features like detailed productivity reports, a centralized view of all the projects, easy invoicing, and full privacy control for freelancers, and all this for free, is what makes TopTracker by Toptal one of our absolute favorites at Ubblu.

In Conclusion

If you are a new start-up and looking for a completely free time tracking tool, then Toptal Time Tracker is your perfect choice. If you own a medium-sized business and want to go for a budget-friendly option with considerable features, then Toggl and Harvest would work wonders for you.

And finally, if you want to enjoy complete control and all the features, without any budget constraints, then you can go with HubstaffTimeDoctor or Zoho Projects.

Talking so much about tracking time reminded me of a quotation from one of my favorite motivational coaches, Michael Altshuler.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” On that note, let us hope you all optimize your time and increase your productivity.

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