Learn from Mistakes- 5 Startup blogs that you need.

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“In the end, every startup is different. But in the beginning, every startup is the same.” 

Richie Norton

Did you make mistakes? Did you hit dead-ends? Did you hit rock-bottom?

As an entrepreneur, this is going to be your lifestyle. But, instead of doing it the hard way, why not learn from the mistakes that other entrepreneurs made while building up their empires?

Of course, we all would still make mistakes and learn from them too.

But let’s be honest, no one would want to repeat it, if we know it’s a mistake.

In this blog post, I have curated a list of the 5 top startup blogs that you should start following right now if you want to get with the times and excel

1. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur.con startup blog

Besides the obviousness of the name, Entrepreneur.com is one of the most resourceful and informative sources of getting that boost to ace your game.

With topics as varied as- MarketingLeadershipGrowth StrategiesFinanceTechnologyLegality and much more, this is your Bible for starting your business. 

Entrepreneur has the best of local and international advice and suggestions as it is published under license internationally in Mexico, Russia, India, Hungary, the Philippines, South Africa, and others.

2. Copyblogger

Copyblogger best for content marketing

Copyblogger is your one-stop solution to everything related to ‘content marketing’. It is like a vast ocean of knowledge, information, and tactics that can actually help you build up your startup from scratch.

This blog has years of excellence and expertise in adding value through content, generating traffic to your websites, and connecting directly to the audience.

Copyblogger is one of the best marketing and content blog that you just cannot miss.

3. OnStartups

Onstartups startup blog- the best.

OnStartups is brought to you by Dharmesh Shah, who has co-founded and is also the CTO at Hubspot.

To quote Shah,” I figured out that there are others out there that are also fascinated with startups and what it takes to make them succeed. 

So, I started this blog.  So basically, this site is for and about software startup ”.

With a splendid on-ground knowledge that Shah possesses, this Blog is a perfect go-to source for anyone who is looking forward to learning from first-hand experiences of an industry leader.

4. SaaStr

SaaStr- expertise in Software as a service startups

SaaStr is the world’s largest community of SaaS executives, founders, and entrepreneurs.

It is headed by Jason Lemkin, a renowned venture capitalist and Danielle Morrill, co-founder and CMO of SocialPandas.

SaaStr began in 2012 as a simple WordPress blog and a few answers on Quora, sharing Jason Lemkin’s learnings of going from $0 to $100m ARR at EchoSign.

SaaStr has been named one of the Top 100 Blogs for Entrepreneurs by Forbes and one of the 50 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs by Inc. Magazine, and a Top Writer on Quora six times”, states the website.

SaaStr is a perfect all-in-one guide for you if you have a SaaS startup.

5. Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is a rare example of how you preserve Quality with quantity.

And HBR has been doing all through the years and how! Covering a wide range of topics ranging from- InnovationTechnologyEntrepreneurshipMarketingCareer PlanningOrganizational CultureHuman Resource Management to Productivity, and Work-Life Balance, and much more. As written by Lindsay Kolowich, for Hubspot Blog, ”Harvard Business Review is a hallmark of high-quality journalism”

The Harvard Business Review

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