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Ubblu team communication
Ubblu team communication

The Old Way
effective team Communication

The old way of ineffective communication

The Ubblu Way
effective team Communication

Create comprehensive to-do lists, take notes during meetings, write down ideas during a brainstorm, or keep a note of suggestions you have- Ubblu allows you to access and take notes easily.

Stay on top of your communication with starring important conversations. Never miss a message from your boss or your team by marking important conversations with a star.

Minimise interruptions during your peak performance by muting conversations. Have full control sound and pop-up notifications by muting conversations across channels and people. 

Team Chat on Multiple Platforms

Ubblu allows you to communicate with your team seamlessly through a floating window so you never have to minimize your work to communicate. Curate distraction-free communication across your business to increase productivity and protect your team’s flow.

Channels & Direct Conversations

Communicate individually with your teammates or create channels and groups according to your departments, teams, or projects- Ubblu gives you the freedom to control the flow of communication across your organisation.


Google Drive and
Dropbox Integration

Share media, files, and documents across your chats and channels through a seamless Google Drive and Dropbox integration. Shared files are stored on Ubblu under the “Files” section for easy management and search. Access shared files centrally for better control and workflow.

Powerful Channels

Take control of team communication across your organisation with Ubblu by creating  project wise channels. Public, Private, and Secret Channels give you the flexibility to share information according to your needs. Allow guest users into your communication through our guest user options and advanced interface.


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Stay Focused

Control your time and communication energy by turning on your “do not disturb” so your teammates know when you are available. Focus on what’s important by creating an “exceptions” list so that you don’t miss out on what matters.


Guest Users

Enable stakeholders to become a part of the conversation. Add guest users to your Ubblu chats and network. Get feedback of customers, create an investors channel, and even work collaboratively with other businesses, Ubblu’s guest user feature enables simple, effective communication.

Support your Customers.


Announcements for your Stakeholders.


Tagged View

Ubblu provides a separate column for breaking out and reserving all the messages in which you are tagged/mentioned, across all chats channels. This gives you an easy grip over keeping track of all the mentions and tags without the fear of losing them all in the ocean of other messages. You can check these tagged messages off the list, as and when you reply to them.


In compliance with GDPR policies, Ubblu’s communication is encrypted end-to-end. This platform is supported by Zero Knowledge Encryption for storing your password. It’s like being in a hotel with no master/spare key. Ubblu can’t access your passwords in any manner.


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Take Notes and Organise 

“Starred” Conversations

“Muted” Conversations Ubblu 

The Ubblu Way of effective team Communication

Effective Team Communication


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