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8 important FAQs on video meetings etiquette

Today, my day began with reading this headline in the newspaper, “Supreme Court of India completes 100 days of hearing cases via video meetings, over 15,000 cases heard” (Read the full story)
A simple piece of News, like this one, just shows how we as humans have never really been the ones to stop. We transform and adapt ourselves to every new challenge that arises in our lives.

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5 tried and tested steps for effective team communication.

Effective Team communication is the backbone and foundation of every human interaction. Our pre-historic ancestors boosted their collective hunting and surviving capacity by living together in small communities. Had it not been for effective team communication, perhaps we would still have been on four legs.

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5 simple ingredients for a productive meeting.

Every year unproductive meetings cost more than $37 billion to business firms in the US alone. Virtual meetings being the most relevant and cost-effective method of communication, are also, unfortunately, the least productive. (Read: How you can boost connectivity in your organisation through this simple hack)

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