Ubblu — The Distraction-Free Chat App

Whether you are working in the office or from home, distractions are common entities in our lives these days. How to get rid of these distractions before they become an issue?

There are numerous activities at the workplace that grab your employees’ attention and drive them away from actual work. From cubicle chatter to texting, the list is endless. Even the slightest smell from a co-worker’s lunch box can throw a person off his game.

“An addiction to distraction is the end of your creative production.”

— Robin S. Sharma

According to a survey conducted by Udemy, workplace distractions negatively impact potential, productivity, and performance. To add to this problem, employees work faster to compensate for the loss, which results in poor quality of work.

Now the biggest question is — Is the loss of quality at work the only damage caused by distraction?

How distraction at work does more damage than you think

David Rock in his book, “Your Brain at Work” observes that when we attempt more than we can effectively do, our performance and even our health can be compromised. 

The cost of distraction is not only calculated in terms of loss of work but also its effects on the employees. Attempted overcompensation leads to excessive stress and frustration for the employees, which further affects their productivity, as per a University of California, Irvine Study.

Technology is the biggest distraction of all. However, on the positive front, companies have used this distraction as a tool to create apps to avoid other distractions. Let’s find out more about distraction-free apps.

Avoid Distractions the “Ubblu Way”

We at Ubblu wanted to develop a platform where effective team communication can happen without any interruptions. We already knew what companies in the same ring were offering. 

So instead of overloading the app with other teamwork apps and a plethora of features like others, we stuck to one single thought — Distraction-free Team Communication. That’s how Ubblu was born. ( Also read — The idea behind Ubblu- distraction-free Team Chat )

Unlike other chat apps that take up your entire screen while working, Ubblu Team Chat App appears as a small chat box whenever you open it. Just pin the icon in a corner of your screen. It stays on every tab you open and doesn’t disturb while you work.

You can have the app on your desktop, laptop. Smartphone, etc. and talk to your team with just a single click. Create To-do lists, chat with team members individually or on a channel, and share documents with ease.

The “Ubblu Way” is convenient, doesn’t interrupt your work, and keeps the distractions in check. The Ubblu Way is the future of team communication and effective teamwork.


For years, the development of screens and the integration of tech at every place have been attacking our lives. From excessive screen time to adverse health effects, we all have been tackling the aftereffects of development.

Distractions are like candy for a kid — the more, the merrier. But humans did again what they do best — first create a problem and then find its solution too. Thanks to distraction-free team communication apps, efficiency can be maintained.

Team chat apps are known to ease collaboration and improve communication between employees. But do work chat apps actually help in improving productivity? That’s an argument still open for discussion.

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