Ubblu Beta Launch- The Road so far, and ahead.

Ubblu Beta Launch

“I hope you realise that I still have the source code for both the frontend and the backend, so don’t force me to show my dark side,” were the words of our former employee, just a few days before our Beta Launch. This was her second last day at Ubblu

Every other day in the life of an Entrepreneur is filled with such threats, perils, problems, and much more. Read my full story from here. 

I began with the idea for Ubblu back in December 2018. Until then, I had never worked with a team. Mostly, I was all by myself in all previous ventures, you may call me self-employed.

Initially, I was of the thought that Ubblu is going to be just another simple application that I can experiment with. But, I was wrong. Soon after stepping into the ring, I realized I was working towards something much more important and revolutionary.

I never knew to chase your dream, the price that you pay includes-

> several heartbreaks (of departing employees) > several threats (like the one who you just read about) > several missed deadlines (and Oh the disappointment and self-doubt!) > several rock-bottoms (financial, mental, and emotional) > several lost friends (a very close and old developer friend among many) > several panic attacks concerning the future of Ubblu development (and so much more)

But through it all, the only thing that kept me marching on was the focus. I firmly believe that true focus and genuine faith can move mountains. There is nothing else that matters really when you can see your destination.

On the upside, I learnt a lot in these two years. More so than I did in the last twenty years of my life. All these struggles made me stronger, more disciplined, and more positive in life.

I cannot, however, present the news of Public Beta Launch, without expressing deepest gratitude to my hardworking and super supportive team (Meet our team here). Thank you so much, everyone.  Special Mention to our dedicated developers Shiv, Amit, Payal, and our Technological Advisor, Thiago, for spending several sleepless nights to make Ubblu what it is today. I would also take this moment to thank, Rohan (our former developer) for going above and beyond bring Ubblu Live.

📢 Here we are, as promised, Ubblu Beta is live now.

Ubblu is now open for signups. Visit www.ubblu.com

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