The most innovative startups born during the COVID pandemic.

 COVID pandemic- most innovative startups

Necessity has always been the mother of invention, and so has been proven through the global COVID pandemic. From households adopting micro self-sustainable techniques of organic farming globally to local business firms constantly improving on the setup of ‘home-delivery’ as we speak.  It is safe to say that these uncertain times have pushed both households and businesses alike to the extent of creativity for their survival.

Similarly, we at Ubblu, are staunch believers of constant renovating and re-inventing everything around us for our convenience. (Funnily enough, that is how the idea of Ubblu was born)

Here’s bringing to you the top 5 most innovative startups that have truly reinvented the idea of businesses being affected by the pandemic.

1. Velmio COVID Tracker

 COVID pandemic- Velmio Startup

Velmio is a digital health startup based in beautiful Tallinn, Estonia. Velmio initially focused on telemonitoring and ‘telemedications’ for pregnant mothers and providing them with a Health Profile to them through their daily data insights. However, their recent addition that is the ‘coronavirus tracker’. This feature analyzes your symptoms (which you can also enter anonymously) to estimate a COVID-19 risk level and shows you the risk level of nearby locations. As of now, Velmio is available in Estonia and Australia.

2. The Call List 

 COVID pandemic- The Call List Startup

The Call List is an interactive video plugin for e-commerce that helps brands strengthen and relationships with their customers and social media followers globally And Monetize Interactive Video Calls. This New York-based startup helps brands deepen their relationship with their customers and monetize interactive video calls. With this plugin, brands and social media influencers can communicate with all their followers together at once, and share the products that people can shop through the course of the video call, especially during the hard times of COVID. It is one of the most innovative startups that fit perfectly in with the current scenario. 

3. SUVE COVID chatbot

SUVE automated chatbot startup

SUVE is a government-approved automated chatbot that answers FAQs among Estonian residents and visitors, about the on-going COVID pandemic using various national sources to find answers. It is functional in Estonian, Russian and English languages. Since the time of its launch, it has been taken up by the Estonian government and many national websites as a pop-up feature to their websites for cases of an emergency related to the spread of the COVID-19 Virus.

4. Wamapp

Wamapp Startup

Wamapp is a brilliant startup founded in Oslo, which gives an ‘innovative way to show our friends we care whilst also boosting the income of our much-loved local, independent stores’. It was in the #HacktheCrisisNorway hackathon, that Charlotte Sverdrup and Becky Wightman came up with this idea. Wamapp supports small and local businesses by providing the customers with coupons/vouchers that can be presented to their loved ones as a token of love and can be redeemed after the pandemic and Watch the pitch that got them to win the “Save the Businesses” category in the hackathon.

5. Ubblu

Ubblu- diraction-free team communication

With work-from-home becoming the new normal, an urgent need of a distraction-free and easy-to-use team communication software became prevalent. 

Ubblu promises to make communication efficient and effortless. What makes Ubblu stand out from other team communication tools is that Ubblu lets you communicate through a floating window so you never have to minimize your work to chat. Other unique and distinctive features include- a tagged view, to-do lists/notes, ‘muting’ conversations, Google Drive/Dropbox integration, and much more. These features make Ubblu one of the most necessary startups that will make your work from home seamless and very efficient.

Find out more about Ubblu features.


The uncertainty of these unprecedented times has deeply shaken the roots of our pre-COVID beliefs. Consequently, it has taught us is that rigidity is a virtue of the past. Being flexible, innovative and constantly adapting to the new challenge posed to us by each passing day is the only way of life we are going to know for a very long time.

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