The idea behind Ubblu- distraction-free Team Chat.

Ubblu is a distraction-free team chat platform.

Ubblu is a distraction-free team chat platform. Find out more features here.

๐ŸŒŸ Back in December 2018, like any other day, I was lying on my couch, thinking about all the things I could do. Having just finished answering some of the support emails for SSDPage (the venture that I co-owned at that time). 

๐ŸŒŸ I decided to send a skype message to my then partner Rob Boirun about our business partnership.

๐ŸŒŸ What followed next,๐Ÿš€ led me to put my shoe into an 8.53 Billion Dollar Industry๐Ÿ’ธ

I reached out to the support team that was running SSDPage.

How Ubblu gives Distraction-free team communication

Can ‘communication’ not become any easier? Why does it have to include multitasking between switching tabs, checking emails, crossing over phone calls and what not! It is so distracting, especially to those who do this every day, as part of their job.

I thought how about trying to make it simpler and less complicated. Coincidentally I also just happened to stumble stumbled uponย Intercom.ย  Now, Intercom is a great tool for connecting website owners to their visitors with an easy-to-use clicking platform. This enterprise had raised $125 million until March 2018.

This simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface led to the birth of Ubblu , a simple and distraction-free team chat communication.

Ubblu is a distraction-free team chat program

Since Ubblu chat windows can be dragged anywhere, it minimises time-wastage and maximises productivity.

The motto behind Ubblu is to provide distraction-free communication and bring together all your emails, team chats and work tabs under a single roof. We, at Ubblu, strive towards re-inventing and revolutionising team communication.

No more juggling between several tabs and windows or simultaneously checking emails. Just Ubblu it!

To find the fresh features which make Ubblu stand out from its competitor Slack, click here.

Ubblu a fresh way at communicating with your team without any hassles and distractions.

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