Bidding Farewell: Payal Goswami the Wonder Woman of Ubblu.

Bidding Farewell to Payal Goswami

Fare thee well Payal! Farewell

It is never easy to see your team members leave you, especially when it is one of your most hard-working colleagues.

Payal Goswami joined Ubblu in May ’20. And since then has gone above and beyond to contribute to the success of Ubblu. It is seldom in life, that you come across people who are dedicated to their passion and driven by their focus. And Payal was one such gem of a person. A true asset to the company.

Moments after Mohit, our CEO, presented Payal’s Farewell Presentation to the entire team, I sat with her for a conversation. She opened up about her experience, her learnings and her plans for the future in this little rendezvous.

Let’s begin with this, what is your fondest memory at Ubblu?

That’s a really tough question. From all the memories that I have had at Ubblu, the fondest has to be my Farewell Presentation. I was expecting it to be a regular work meeting conference, but to my surprise, Mohit and you had planned this little Farewell gift for me. That was so sweet. I might have cried a little too. (laughs)

What do you have to say about the work culture at Ubblu?

The work culture at Ubblu is the most perfect blend of formal and informal. The team is super supportive and very positive. Yes, it’s true, they might not have always replied to my messages on time (winks). Ubblu is very lucky to have a bunch of dedicated, driven and helpful individuals.

What are the things that you’ve learned at Ubblu?

Above everything else, I have learnt the art of being a team player. I feel much more confident about being a professional than I was when I joined Ubblu. And yes, thanks to the Tech Team, I have honed my skills at Testing, Web Development and even Graphic designing for that matter

What do you have to say about Mohit’s leadership? 

So let me begin by saying that I will never forget that his usual answer to all my “Mohit I’m not able to do this” always was “No Payal , I know you can do it”. This made me realise, that we usually do limit ourselves a lot. But Mohit, on the other hand, is an optimistic go-getter. For me, his leadership sums up in one line. “When there is a will, there always better be a way. Or else I’ll make one on my own” As a leader, Mohit was very inspiring. 

What have you planned for the future?

Well, I would definitely like to bring an innovative change in the field of Programming and Computers. For that, I would also like to attain the right skills sets and knowledge. So the next couple of years, I see myself working on myself in that respect.

Any parting notes?

Ubblu will always have an irreplaceable place in my heart. This was my first experience as a professional, and I am completely satisfied with it. I will really miss working along with Mohit. And how can I forget! The friendship that I developed with you. I hope the plan of meeting in Delhi post-COVID is still on. (laughs)  I wish All the Best to the entire team and I hope nothing but success and best wishes for Ubblu!

And with that, we bid a heartfelt farewell to Payal. May you succeed in all your future endeavours. 

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