8 important FAQs on video meetings etiquette

Today, my day began with reading this headline in the newspaper, “Supreme Court of India completes 100 days of hearing cases via video meetings, over 15,000 cases heard” (Read the full story) FAQs on video meetings

A simple piece of News, like this one, just shows how we as humans have never really been the ones to stop. We transform and adapt ourselves to every new challenge that arises in our lives.  FAQs on video meetings

Before 2020, who could’ve thought, that ‘Zoom‘ could have another meaning in our lives besides being a camera feature. And yet, here we are. Today ‘Zoom‘ is used with as much a frequency as say, ‘breakfast‘ or ‘party‘. 

Video conferencing is a great productivity tool for maintaining a healthy flow of connectivity and communication in the organisation. However, the productivity of a video meeting entirely depends on how we use the tool. (Check out the techniques and ingredients with which you can ensure that you make every of your meeting, a fruitful one.)

The future of Video Conferencing

Just like so many other dramatic changes in our lives sponsored by this pandemic, the replacement of face-to-face meetings with video conference is also irreplaceable (at least for a considerable amount of time) The current scenario of the work environment for employees is just the first step towards the total transition of work from offices to homes, post-COVID 19. Mankind is in for some global changes in the working pattern and working decisions of employers and employees both, and it’s time we accept the reality of the new times and start making the most of it. FAQs on video meetings

(Also, check out how Remote Working is going to be the new normal.)

According to a survey by Forbes, 75% of CEOS say that video conference calls will entirely replace audio-only conference calls.


80% and 78% and employees use video calling and conferencing tools for 1:1 video meetings and team video meetings respectively.


Side Note

Technophobiathe fear of new technology 

When it comes to any meeting, an employee is always expected to cross his Ts and dot his Is with discipline and proprietary. Attending a video conference can really be a pain in the neck for most of us. Especially, if you are a little Technophobic  (described as abnormal anxiety or fear related to the effects of technology. It is surprisingly common and is believed to affect everyone (at least in the form of a small amount of nervousness when confronted with new technology). In today’s advanced age of super-fast technology, it is easy to not be up to date with the latest norms.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on video meetings etiquette that you really need to learn from right now-

Question 1. How to spot the perfect Background for video meetings?


The choice of background greatly affects your video meetings persona. Make sure you go for a background that is subtle, decent and clean. Noisy, untidy and extravagant backgrounds are usually very distracting. FAQs on video meetings FAQs on video meetings FAQs on video meetings

Find out a nice quiet corner of your house and make it your video meetings corner.

In case, you do not have a silent or polluted corner to yourself, you may also use the ‘Virtual Background‘. Yes, it is completely okay to use virtual backgrounds. It will not bring judgments to you. But make sure that you either use a solid colour or a neat image of home interiors.

If nothing work, then go with blurring your background. Any way, simplicity should be a priority. 

FAQs on video meetingsFAQs on video meetingsFAQs on video meetingsFAQs on video meetingsFAQs on video meetingsFAQs on video meetingsFAQs on video meetingsFAQs on video meetingsFAQs on video meetingsFAQs on video meetings

Question 2. What should be the lighting for video meetings?


No one likes to converse with the black shadow of an employee. Your face needs to visible and clear. Well-lit corners of your house are preferable for video meetings. You can either use natural sunlight or go for electric lighting. 

Make sure you’re sitting opposite to the source of light and not in front of it.

Question 3. How to perfectly position the Camera for video meetings?


Once you have found the perfect background and lighting for your video conference, let’s now get to angling the camera. 

Right before you enter video meetings or chats, make sure that you set your frame into a decent and clear angle. Make sure your webcam is inclined at an angle to cover your face at a straight line. Also, try to make sure that you are positioned at the centre of the frame, leaving equal place from your left and right sides. 

Question 4. What is the correct Body Language for the video meeting?


Eye contact is CRUCIAL. It’s understandably hard to avoid the temptation of looking at yourself on-screen while talking. (I mean, no one can resist fixing that one strand of hair that just wouldn’t get fixed). 

Make sure that you own your time of speech. Look directly into the camera (read: into the eyes of your co-attendees) and establish a confident presence. Always wear a confident smile on your face and keep a straight posture. Especially, if you are at a position of authority in the meeting.

Question 5. Is there a Dress Code for video meetings?


Yes, you are right. This calls for a boxers-under-a shirt joke. (:D)

However, keeping all the jokes aside, your presentation does matter.

Make sure you look neat and are dressed in satisfactory (read: bare-minimum) formals. Or maybe just the upper half of the body.]

Just remember to look presentable and see how you complete 50% you nailing the video meeting.

Question 6What are the duties of the host of the meeting?


 If you are the host of the meeting, then read all the answers from top again. Besides these, additionally, a host (like in a real non-vortual setup) must be the one first to enter the meeting and the last one to leave it. Another, important function for you would be to make sure everyone is introduced and gets a chance to speak. 

Also, please familiarise yourself with all the features of the video conferencing tool like- sharing files, muting people, screen-sharing etc.

Question 7. Are there any microphone eitiqutte for video meetings?


Speak with an adequate distance from your microphone to make sure your voice is delivered clear and loud. 

Switch on your microphonne only when you are to speak. Otherwise, mute yourself.

Question 8. Does turning my camera off seem impolite?


If you think your Display Pictures and Initials will compensate for your face, you’re wrong. It’s called a video meeting for a reason. Having the video on, not only validates your prensce better, but also adds a human touch and more life into the meeting.

Make sure that you always have your web cam turned on. Unless, of course, you have valid reasons not to, like being sick or not being in a quiet place etc. 


As humans, our evolutionary history makes it very prominent that we are the only ‘intelligent’ species alive today. Our greatest strength is adaptability. There is uncertainty in almost all the established systems of society, professional, financial, personal, interpersonal, and political.

At such times, being flexible and constantly adapting to the new challenge posed to us by each passing day is the only way of life we are going to know for a long time. 

Online meetings are very much the new norm. It’s time we embrace them so that we can adapt better with this latest mode of communication.

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