Virtual Office for your Team

With Ubblu, you can connect with your colleagues, host meetings, group discussions, and share your work with the team in real-time just like you would in a physical office.

Transforming Virtual Workspaces

Video Calling

Actionable Todos


Group Chat

DND Mode

Team Collaboration

An Efficient Virtual Office

Achieve seamless team communication and collaboration with Ubblu and make your virtual office as efficient as a physical one.


Just like a physical office, see what your colleagues are working on, talk to them, and collaborate with them in just one click.

Virtual Rooms

Designed for group conversations so that you can invite your clients or investors for a quick-chat over coffee (virtual of course).

Real Time Collaboration

Our screen sharing feature allows you and your team to work together and create actionable to-dos in real-time for true collaboration

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I love Ubblu as a new way to talk to my team. I now no longer have to wait to see when my team is available to jump on a quick call with them. My fav feature is rooms where i can create personal room to invite my colleagues whenever i want to chat


Amit Patel

React Native Developer

Ubblu has been beneficial for our team when meetings are held. I can quickly share my screen and collaborate on the work in real-time. Also, I can easily take notes and create to-dos while attending meeting making the most out of it


Rohan Kumar

Full Stack Developer


Ubblu was started with the sole aim of making virtual offices adapt to a new way of work.


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