A Fresh Way of Team Communication

Distraction Free Communication. Don't minimize your work again to communicate with your team 

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Like your Iphone Assistive Touch 

With Ubblu, you no longer have to minimize your work to send your team member a message.  We're inspired by the ease of using the iphone assistive touch. 

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One Roof for your emails & team chat

You can import your work and personal emails into ubblu so that you can seamlessly answer them without leaving your workspace. With Ubblu, you can read and reply to your emails through our simple chat interface. 

Channels & 
Direct Conversations 

At Ubblu, team communication happens in two ways: Channels & Direct Conversations. With Channels, chat with multiple team members at a time and share your views with your entire team. Got some secret? ssshhh. Start a direct conversation with any team member

Sharing Files

Ubblu allows you to share a file to your team member(s) by using your own google drive or dropbox account. Once a file is shared, it's recorded under "Files" section for better management. See Centralized File Control

Powerful Channels

Ubblu allows you to take full control of your team channels(i.e group conversations). With our simple-yet-powerful dashboard, you can create private channels(hidden), add "auto join", invite team members or guest users to channel, and much more. Got something top secret to discuss? Use our "secret" channels. 

Take Full Control Of Conversations! 

Take Notes

Did your teammate make an important point? Make a note of it for your future reference. 

"Starred" Conversations

Having an important conversation from your boss or co-worker that you don't want to miss? "Star" that conversation.

"Muted" Conversations

With Ubblu's muted conversations, you can choose not to receive notifications from specific team members or customers to stay distraction-free! 

Centralized File Control

When you share a file with someone or when someone shares a file with you, it gets recorded under Ubblu so that you can download, retrieve the original message(where it was shared), and even share with multiple team members. 

Allow Guest Users

Do you want to make your customers/stake holders a part of your company? Let your customers know about your latest news/announcements/development of your company by allowing them as "Guest Users" inside Ubblu. 

Stay Focused 

We understand that sometimes you need to stay focused to get your work done. That's why, we got the "Don't Disturb" feature at Ubblu so that you can focus on your work without getting distracted by your team notifications. Moreover, you can set a timer on when the "Don't DIsturb" mode expires. 

Available for  both Mobile & Desktop 

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